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Street StartUps

By: Tracey Syphax

Mercer County, NJ, USA

Street Startups is a podcast for entrepreneurs who are looking to take the skills and talents they h... Read More


  • Ep 47: Helping to Hone your Community's Skill Set

    At some point, you might have seen a statistic or statement by an economist stating the economic benefits that entrepren ... Moreeurs have to local communities.
    While local and small businesses generate new jobs and employ more than half of the working class in the United States, they’re also a valuable asset to the local community. This week, Tracey and CJ take you through this very topic. Enjoy. Less

  • Ep 46: Building Wealth in the African-American Community

    Tracey and CJ talk with Lorenzo Stewart this week. "Lorenzo is the perfect example of what we teach," says Tracey, "He r ... Moreeally is the embodiment of someone that takes our teaching and applies it. The added fact that he's in a wheelchair takes EVERYONE'S excuses away. There's NO reason you can't make it! He truly is helping build long, sustaining wealth in the African-American community." Lorenzo started a successful transportation service (VOW Transportation) for disabled people. He is disabled, confined to a wheelchair after a stray bullet hit him in the back. He is also a former drug dealer with a prison record. He couldn't find a job so he decided to make a job for himself. Less

  • Ep 45: The Power of Diversity with Cheri Spigner

    The amazing Cheri Spigner discusses the power of diversity in business with Tracey and CJ this week!

  • Ep 44: Being a Benefit to your Community

    Entrepreneurs who serve their broader community produce extraordinary outcomes. Some of them are assists the receiver, t ... Moreransforms the giver, energizes the organization, and most importantly renews the community. Tracey and CJ discuss a disturbing issue this week. Let's just say it's what NOT to do as a business owner. Less

  • Ep 43: Race and Entrepreneurship

    In response to the recent civil unrest, CJ and Tracey speak right from the heart this week about race and entrepreneursh ... Moreip. They also explore the broader question of why some entrepreneurs are successful and others are not. Peace. Less

  • Ep 42: ROI in the Trades with Harold Deloach

    Harold Deloach joins Tracey and CJ again this week to discuss how the ROI in the Trades is a very wise investment.

  • Ep 42: Crisis Management for the Entrepreneur

    Continuing the theme of how Entrepreneurs manage business during a crisis, Tracey and CJ chat with Harold Deloach this w ... Moreeek!
    Harold is the Director of Education and Training for the Leaders of Electrical License Preparation courses for Philadelphia and The Lehigh Valley; He is the founder and Director of The Academy of Industrial Arts L.L.C.,; a customized electrician training program that provides entry-level electrician training courses, electrical Safety classes and customized electrical construction courses. Less

  • Ep 41: Returning Citizens have the Advantage!

    People leaving prison obviously face all kinds of barriers, one of the most significant is in terms of employment. Rough ... Morely 5,000 people are released from D.C. correctional facilities every year; less than half of them find sustainable employment. The idea of entrepreneurship is that people can write their own futures and develop autonomy in their lives as well as create things. This week, Tracey and CJ discuss why people who have been incarcerated are both resilient and flexible in the face of difficult circumstances — qualities that translate to strong entrepreneurs. Peace. Less

  • Ep 40: The Impact Stress can have on an Entreprenuer

    Stress manifests in the body and behaviors first. You’ll start to notice your temper getting shorter, appetite changin ... Moreg, and sleep becoming more difficult. Even cravings for high-calorie foods emerge. The more stressed out we become, the more our perspective shifts to believe there isn’t time for enjoyable things. We sense that enjoyable things, like learning new concepts, no longer fit into our schedules. Perspective becomes narrow. This leads to decisions based on fear, which can be destructive in the long term. So, take a listen as Tracey and CJ discuss the impact stress can have on the life of an Entrepreneur and the steps you can take in dealing with it. Less

  • Ep 39: From the Streets to the Stove with Chef Jeff Henderson

    Tracey Syphax and Celebrity Chef Jeff Henderson have something in common. Tracey went from the block to the boardroom an ... Mored Chef Jeff went from the streets to the stove! From humble beginnings in South Central LA, to life as an imprisoned drug dealer, and then as an award-winning celebrity chef and best-selling author, Chef Jeff is a role model for anyone who needs the encouragement to reinvent their life. Since he discovered his passion and gift for cooking in the unlikeliest of places – prison – Chef Jeff has completely turned his life around, and today serves as a popular and powerful voice for self-transformation. In this dynamic episode, Chef Jeff Henderson shares a bit of his story with Tracey and CJ and explains the importance of networking and the effects prison culture can have on a returning citizen in business. #QuarantineCookout #FromTheBlockToTheBoardroom #FromTheStreetsToTheStove #ChefJeffHenderson #TodayInTrenton Less

  • Ep 38: Only the Strong Survive—An Interview with Justin Strong

    The dry-cleaning business has been part of Hip Hop promoter, Justin Strong’s life since the beginning — in fact, it ... Mores been in the Strong family for four generations. The business was established in 1930 in Shelby, N.C. and the family moved to Pittsburgh in 1945 as part of the Great Migration of African Americans to the North. On this episode of Street StartUps, Tracey and CJ talk with Justin about the importance of having a "whatever it takes" attitude as an entrepreneur. You'll be encouraged listening to Justin. Enjoy! #JustinStrong #COVIDbusiness #BeatingCovid #BeatingCorona #BusinessDuringCorona Less

  • Ep 37: Uncertain Times Series: Is Your Foundation Flimsy or Firm?

    Part 3 of 4
    To minimize the impact of disasters on employees, property, and operations, businesses must ... More make the right preparations. They must build a strong, firm foundation. Are your finances in order? Is your business recognized by the government? Are you at least incorporated? If you needed to take out a loan or be awarded a grant, is your business set up so that you would qualify? Tracey and CJ cover these topics and more this week on being prepared in business for challenges, storms, problems, and yes, even a global pandemic. Less

  • Ep 36: Uncertain Times Series: How Do You Plan During Uncertainty

    Part 2 of 4
    If there is one thing for certain, it's uncertainty. Although you might feel like the odds ... Moreare stacked against you in business sometimes, be comforted by the fact that somebody else, including successful entrepreneurs, had to suffer through the same instances you now may be facing. The only difference is that the successful ones know how to plan for uncertainty. This week, CJ and Tracey share with you, the 5 Points to look at when accessing your business model. #UncertainTimes #COVIDbusiness #BeatingCovid #BeatingCorona #BusinessDuringCorona Less

  • Ep 35: Uncertain Times Series: Entrepreneurs in Times of Uncertainty Part 1 of 4

    Part 1 of 4
    Entrepreneurs understand more income sources means a more stable business and more room to ... Moregrow. Implementing additional income strategies creates exciting possibilities and opportunities. In times of uncertainty, Entrepreneurs thrive because "that's how we're wired". Listen in as Tracey and CJ take you through what to do during shaky times. Less

  • Ep 34: Avoiding Failure with Frank Sasso

    Part 4 of 4:
    Sometimes, failure is a gift. It can act as an opportunity to understand our flaws and how we can im ... Moreprove ourselves. This sort of mentality is essential in successful entrepreneurship. Failure, just the same in martial arts, is a part of business. The type of failure that former UFC fighter, Frank Sasso, discusses with Tracey and CJ on this episode is the type of failure to AVOID. Tune in to listen, learn, and share! Less

  • Ep 33: The "Get Up" Episode with Frank Sasso

    Part 3 of 4:
    Plenty of fighters get knocked down over and over but get up –often bruised and bloody—and get t ... Morehat one strike in that wins the match. If you stay down it’s hard to come back swinging. If you feel like life is knocking you down, stand up and yell: "I’m still here!”

    You’re still here. You didn’t die from what happened. Maybe your ego or sense of security did but you’re still here. And while you’re still here you can pick yourself up and do your best to move on from the knockout punch life gave you. You can lie there and retreat into misery or depression or remember that you’re still here and can find your way out of it. This week, Tracey and CJ talk with retired UFC fighter, Frank "Ferocious" Sasso about GETTING UP when you've been "knocked down". Less

  • Ep 32: Embracing Your Customers with Frank Sasso

    Part 2 of 4:
    Former UFC fighter, Frank "Ferocious" Sasso talks with Cj Meenan and Tracey Syphax this week about e ... Morembracing your customers. There's a world champion at every weight class at any given time, but only a few rise to real fame even within the sport. Those who do use interview time, social media, blogging and crossover publicity to create a real relationship with their fans. The fans return that love and skyrocket the fighter's career to new levels. "Take every opportunity you can to help your best customers appreciate and celebrate the fact that they're your customers", says Sasso. "Social media shout-outs, on-site parties, even a brief mention in a news interview can go a long way toward turning them from customers to fans." Less

  • Ep 31: Building Mental Toughness with Frank Sasso

    Part 1 of 4:
    Business isn't a spectator sport, of course, though it turns out that we can learn some surprising a ... Morend valuable lessons from the world of Mixed Martial Arts competitors. Innumerable business lessons can be gleaned from fighting—hence the prevalence of expressions like "game plan", "playbook", and "step up to the plate" in the world of business. Maybe in this context we should add "roll with the punches." This week, Tracey and CJ sit with retired UFC fighter, Frank Sasso (aka FEROCIOUS) to discuss building "mental toughness" for the ring and how he applies the same routine to his day-to-day businesses. Less

  • Ep 30: Race and Entrepreneurship Part II

    Part 4 of 4.
    The Wortham Tapes get wrapped up this week with Part 4 of Race and Entrepreneurship. The guys pick u ... Morep from last week with their conversation about Race and Entrepreneurship and tackle the possible solutions to this touchy issue. Less

  • Ep 29: Race and Entrepreneurship

    Part 3 of 4.
    Entrepreneurship is often touted as an economic opportunity that embodies American ideals of indivi ... Moredualism and financial gain. Yet social scientists have long noted divergent entrepreneurial outcomes among various groups. In this episode, CJ Meenan and Kevin Wortham (with the return of Tracey Syphax) discuss how race informs entrepreneurship for minority business owners. In particular, they focus on the ways black entrepreneurs use racial counter-frames as a means of defining various aspects of the entrepreneurial experience. Less